at the University of Neuchâtel

The MAPS is born from the convergence of interests of researchers in social sciences at the University of Neuchatel, and their willingness to strengthen exchanges between their disciplines.
Research undertaken as part of the MAPS are organized around three themes:

  • The circulation of people
  • The circulation of wealth
  • The circulation of knowledge


Activités à la maps

  • Nouvelle Publication

    Janine Dahinden, Kerstin Duemmler & Joëlle Moret (2014). Disentangling Religious, Ethnic and Gendered Contents in Boundary Work: How Young Adults Create the Figure of ‘The Oppressed Muslim Woman’. Journal of Intercultural Studies. 35 (4)

  • Nouveau Working Paper Maps

    How does "race" matter in Switzerland? Anne Lavanchy

  • Nouveau Working Paper Maps

    Understanding the dynamics of transnational formations among albanian-speaking migrants in Switzerland by bringing in theories of mobility, social inequality and ethnicity. Janine Dahinden

  • Nouvelle publication

    Crettaz, E. and Jacot, C. (2014). Do Family Policies Matter for Educational Outcomes? Patterns of educational mobility and family services in Europe, European Societies

Débutant-e-s MA ScS

Séance d'information obligatoire  pour les étudiant-e-s débutant-e-s le MA ScS
Mardi 16 septembre 2014
de 12h à 13h à la FLSH, R.S.38
puis présentation "piliers" de 13h à 14h :
Anthropologie, B.1.02
Géographie humaine, B.1.12
Migration et citoyenneté, B.1.14
Psychologie et éducation, B.1.16
Sociologie , FH 27, salle 001


Call for papers (pdf) :
Third Swiss Researching Africa Days, University of Bern, 17-18 October 2014
Panel 1 :
Cultures of Capitalism: Worldviews, Wealth, and Well-Being
Panel 2 :
Le rôle de la culture dans la résolution des conflits en Afrique/ Culture and Conflict Resolution in Africa
Panel 3 :
Changes in Land Tenure Systems and Land Deals in Sub-Saharan Africa
Panel 4 :
The Political Economy of Space in African Cities
Panel 5 :
African Academics: Aspirations, Mobilities and Trajectories (co-organisé dans le cadre du  projet NCCR « On the move » : The new international student mobility between the South and the North).

Seminar: “The Migration-Security Nexus: the Swiss Case in International Perspective”  

13-14 November, University of Neuchâtel.

Call for papers
Edited volume: Diversity of Migration in South East Europe (working title). We especially invite contributions from young researchers (PhD students and recent PhDs).

Deadline for abstracts: oct. 15 2014

Seminar: “The Migration-Security Nexus: the Swiss Case in International Perspective”  

13-14 November, University of Neuchâtel.